Monday, August 24, 2009

Sher is a slut?

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Sher is a slut?

Ummm – what?

We were leaving the Chinese buffet* on Saturday afternoon. While we were waiting for the light to change, I looked over and noticed graffiti on a large power transformer box. And on the side of the Denny’s. And the bus stop. Identical graffiti. Hmmm. It was obviously stenciled, not just sprayed on. The stencil marks were visible around the edges.

OK. So. My mind, so recently turned to words and stories and possibilities, was off. Is Sher a Slut? Is she having a feud with some other girl? Is it a band? Or some student film from the nearby Full Sail? The stencil made me think band. But – Denny’s? As if they wouldn’t notice? I don’t know the answer. But I DO feel a short story forming, about Sher, and what she did….

* And yes, I do know (now) that that particular Chinese restaurant makes the top-10 worst health violators of all the time list. But we already ate there, so, let’s just let that one go, OK?