Friday, October 9, 2009

Words that aren’t in Word’s spell checker

I had a little time this morning, and decided to work on the book. I don't usually work on the book in the mornings. I accepted years ago that I am not a morning person, and the things I do early generally need to be - checked. The words were flowing, but the fingers weren't quite up to the task, with a typo every third word or so. I started going back and fixing this – spell check is my friend – when I came to the word asshold. Now, Word knew that wasn't right, but its only suggestions were 'as hold' and 'scold'. It isn't a polite word, but it is a word and if fits my main character in the moment, so I'm using it, and my $400 copy of Word should help me spell it right, right?

Wrong. It won't help me spell asshole or several of the more obvious words I tried. I'm sure most people already knew this, but I don't generally type these words at work, and I guess I've managed to spell them in the book up to now. It knows when it's spelled correctly, but won't correct it if it's wrong. So I went to the internet.* I found a list of words that Word's spell checker doesn't look for here. And added most of them. Sheesh.

*And yes, I realize that this has turned into a way to putz on the internet and not work on the book, but whatever. Oh, and it doesn't know putz either.

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