Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It expired – when?

I never realized how therapeutic it can be to clean out a refrigerator.


I can't clean up my life but that two month old bag of what used to be lettuce is outta here!

Two bags of trash and almost an entire bottle of 409 later and – OMG – it is possible to see things! And not one argument about "that curry sauce is only four YEARS out of date – it is still fine! All those dates are just a marketing ploy to get us to buy more curry sauce!"

Umm – if we have had a bottle of any sort of sauce for (likely) six years and there is only 1" of the bottle gone, well, in my book, it can go. So it just did. And that wasn't even the scariest thing I found. That would have to be the salmon cream cheese spread that expired in 01/2008. Fish – my favorite! YUMMY!

I think I should start a new blog – "Stuff I found in the Fridge". Or maybe – "It Expired WHEN?"

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